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•  Vision: Supply Chain Innovation

•  Founded in the 1940s by late Sardar Jassa Singh under the flagship SJS. Majha is a division specifically created to cater to the EXIM & Domestic movement within India.

About Majha

About Majha

Majha Transport of India with its seven decades of vast experience has gained recognition as an Outstanding Transport House especially through North & West India. To meet the new challenges in the coming years we are integrating the latest tools of Information Technology into our system & our infrastructure.

The Majha Difference

The Majha Difference

Majha is the only provider to bring you the following: GPRS tracked shipments Full service guarantee SMS notifications of arrivals and status

  • Innovations at Majha
  • Our Business Strategy
  • Fleet And Operation’s
  • Impact

• Encouraged our dedicated vendors to have vehicles with mobile handsets along with GPRS system way back in 2004 (Scenario: Real time tracking)

• Buoyant modification of platform trailer beds to skeleton beds, leading to increase in revenue, also with reduction in capital cost (Scenario: To improve margin)

• Doubling average number of km covered in India from standard 350 to 700 odd per 24 hours, ROI (Scenario: Service)

• Usage of 20/40’ ISO Containers for Domestic transportation (Scenario: World Standards)

• Our future focus shall be the challenging domestic transportation and warehousing market (Scenario: Saving on wastage & damages and cost)

• No Pre-Packaged Options

• Ever-expanding Knowledge Base

• Ease of Doing Business

— As a result of the diverse selection of trucks and trailers, the company can transport every thing from foodstuffs to machinery to hazardous goods.

— Attached fleet managed as below:-

— • 265 – 40’ & 20’ trailers.

— • 25 – Specialized Semi and Low bed trailers

— • 10- 70’ long trailers

— • 5- LCV’s plying  in NCR

— • 300 – Open/ Closed body trucks

— • 30 – 40’ Refer (Genset) trailers

• 100 – 32 Ft Mxl Container

• 80- 32 Ft Sxl Container

— Complete Data Base of Market fleet

— Organize our unorganized sector- Economics of scale, Flexibility, Market Dynamics, customizable solutions

Stakeholders Impact
Customer Better tracking, turnaround time, decrease in cost, service assurance. Better billing and reporting standards. Record Management
Vendor Better utilization of assets, increase in margins, turnaround time, team satisfaction (owner to driver).
Employee Increase in ownership, increase in vehicle loading per employee, decision making, professionalism
Society Lesser traffic and pollution, better costs, Driver safety/ health program, educational, Promotion of E-Billing (Save paper).