Transportation Solutions

Domestic Trucking Services

Majha provides various types and size’s of vehicle’s, to meet our customer Door to Door transportation requirement.

Our Products

  • Door to Door.
  • Full Truck Load’s.
  • Part Truck Load’s.
  • Bulk Cargo.
  • Sensitive Cargo.

Advantages of using Majha service

  • Door-to-Door service.
  • Customized solution for each client
  • Special Vehicle’s like LCV’s/ Open /Closed / Containers available
  • Timely dispatches
  • Cost Effective & Economical service
  • Better cargo safety-no Shortage, damage, pilferage or theft

Value added Services

  • Tracking & Tracing facility
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Stuffing /De-stuffing facility
  • Warehouses on Hire