Transportation Solutions

Rail Transportation

Majha has strategic alliance with Private Container Train Operators in Railways Network. We offer varied service to cater to the different segments and types of cargos across the country, to meet the customers’ multimodal requirement.
Northern Hinterland are well connected through Containerized Rail service.
Trade Routes & Services
  • Kanpur to Mundra
  • Patli to Mundra
  • Krishanghar to Mundra
  • Morbi to Chennai/ Banglore
  • Loni to Mundra
  • Visa- Versa
Majha delivers seamless logistics services supported by advanced logistics management and IT. We meet the complex logistical needs of a rapidly changing environment with our unique strategies for generating group synergy.
Majha provide total end to end logistics solutions and current activities include:-
  • Pick up of cargo from source (FMT: First Mile Transportation at Origin)
  • Rail transportation of containers from source terminal to destination terminal (Main Leg by Rail)
  • Warehousing (if required by customer)
  • LMT: Last Mile transportation i.e. transportation of cargo to customer/destination premises
Some of the prominent commodities handled on the circuits are Ceramic Tiles, Bentonite Powder, Plywood, Rice, Edible Oil, Wheat,White Goods, FMCG etc.